The 4th Pulitzer Prize Winners Workshop opens today

The Department of Journalism under the School of Communication has invited eight winners of the US media industry’s most prestigious award, the Pulitzer Prize, and guest speakers to share their insights with University members, media professionals and the public at its 4th Pulitzer Prize Winners Workshop from 2nd to 8th November.

Officiating at the Opening Ceremony today (2 November) were Mr. Henry Tang, Chief Secretary for Administration of the HKSARMr. Stephen Young, Consul General, U.S. Consulate General Hong KongMr. K. C. Chan, Executive Director and Chief Editor, Hong Kong Economic Journal;Mr. Wilfred Wong, Chairman of the Council and the Court, HKBU; andProfessor Albert Chan, President and Vice-Chancellor, HKBU. Following the Ceremony, the six winners participated in a Forum on “Bridging the Gaps: Holding True to Old-Media Values in a New Media World”, sharing their views on the juxtaposition of the core values of the traditional media and new media practices.

In his speech, Mr. Henry Tang said that with the emergence of new media, the line between journalists and their audience might sometimes be blurred nowadays. He stressed the importance of reporters upholding their integrity and standards of the profession through accurate reporting. Mr. Tang congratulated HKBU on organising the Pulitzer Prize Winners Workshop and providing the community with the opportunity to learn firsthand from media professionals.

Speaking at the Ceremony, Professor Albert Chan said the Pulitzer Prize Winners Workshop was first conceived by the University as part of a drive towards excellence in journalistic education, aiming at world-class standards. Promoting journalistic excellence was also considered a major socially responsible endeavour by the University. Professor Chan said he trusted that the Workshop would prove to be yet another shining example of HKBU joining hands with the profession and the community at large in realising projects of social relevance and, in turn, helping to encourage high standards of journalism.

During their time at HKBU, the winners and guest speakers have been taking part in a series of open activities and lectures to share their insights on their areas of expertise and other major fields of journalism. For details of the winners and Workshop, please visit:

The workshop, a unique initiative in Asia, was first launched by HKBU with the support of HK$1 million from the Hong Kong Economic Journal Co., Ltd. in 2007. Each year, four to seven Pulitzer Prize winners are invited to the HKBU campus for two weeks of academic exchange to enhance the quality of journalistic education and global vision among professional journalists.


Mr. Henry Tang delivers his speech at the Opening Ceremony

Officiating guests: Mr. Henry Tang (first row, centre); Mr. Stephen Young (first row, second from right); Mr. K. C. Chan (first row, second from left); Mr. Wilfred Wong (first row, third from right); Professor Albert Chan (first row, extreme left), together with the Pulitzer Prize winners, guest speakers, and other honourable guests
一眾主禮嘉賓:唐英年先生 (前排中)、楊甦棣先生 (前排右二)、陳景祥先生 (前排左二)、王英偉先生 (前排右三)、陳新滋教授 (前排左),聯同普立茲新聞獎得主、嘉賓講者與其他嘉賓合照