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Monday 2 Nov 2009
10:00 - 12:15 Open Lecture Venue:NAB109*
  Where does a foreign correspondent stand?
    Michael Parks  
  The blurred line between reporting and advocating.
    Jim Amoss  
16:00 - 16:45 Opening Ceremony Venue:WLB103*
17:00 - 18:30 Forum Venue:WLB103*
  Functions in Flux: Where will Journalism Go?  
  Rethinking the mission of the journalist: Informing, entertaining or empowering?  
    Pulitzer Prize Winners  
    Kin-ming Liu, Director of Special Projects, Hong Kong Economic Journal;  
    Claudia Mo, Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Journalism, HKBU  
Tuesday 3 Nov 2009
09:30 - 10:20 Class Sharing - JOUR2190 World News Media Systems Venue:LMC514*
  Introduction to the news media system in the U.S.  
    Hank Klibanoff  
09:30 - 12:20 Class Sharing - JOUR7080 Current Issues & Case Studies in International News Venue:NAB109*
  Covering contemporary Pakistan: Internal problems and external impact.  
    Jane Perlez  
  My experiences as a foreign correspondent from Europe to Asia.  
    Michael Parks  
12:30-13:20 Class Sharing - JOUR3230 News Media Management Venue:ASH600*
  Four Pulitzer Prizes during my tenure as editor.  
    Jim Amoss  
15:30-18:20 Class Sharing - JOUR3330 Advanced Reporting & Writing Venue:FSC1019*
  Reporting before opining.  
    Connie Schultz  
  Covering climate change: Australia, a case study.  
    Julie Cart  
Wednesday 4 Nov 2009
09:30-10:20 Class Sharing - JOUR1120 Introduction to Journalism Venue:NAB109*
  My experiences as a photojournalist.  
    Damon Winter  
10:00-12:00 Class Sharing - JOUR7200 News Production Workshop Venue:FSC1019*
  Covering East Africa then and now: A New York Times correspondent's perspective.  
    Jane Perlez  
  How to write a good commentary?  
    Connie Schultz  
12:30-13:20 Class Sharing - JOUR3180 Online Journalism Venue: FSC906*
  Shoe-leather journalism in the age of the blog.  
    Jim Amoss  
12:30-14:20 Class Sharing - JOUR7060 Advanced English for Journalism Venue:NAB109*
  The art of the interview: Newsgathering techniques  
    Julie Cart  
  Civil rights cold cases in the south U.S.  
    Hank Klibanoff  
Thursday 5 Nov 2009
10:00-11:15 Panel Venue: NAB109*
  Gender in journalism: Women-power arising?  
  A talk among 6 top female journalists
    Connie Schultz, Jane Perlez, Julie Cart,  
    Angharad Law, Rose Lv Qiu, Claudia Mo  
    Mak Yin ting  
Class Sharing -  JOUR 2521 Reporting Laboratory,
  JOUR 3521 Editing Laboratory
Venue: WLB210*
  Treading lightly:
Working in difficult and sometimes tragic situations and the importance of sensitivity and respect for subjects (Photos from Alaska, Afghanistan, Israel and elsewhere).
Damon Winter  
14:30-16:45  Open Lecture Venue:WLB104*
  Local journalism and the future of newspapers in the U.S.  
    Jim Amoss  
  The weakened state of American newspapers today, and the threats that may result.  
    Hank Klibanoff  
Friday 6 Nov 2009
10:00-12:15 Open Lecture Venue:NAB109 *
  Finding your voice: How to write about people who often have no voice.  
    Connie Schultz  
  Bridging the gap: Reporting and writing for print and online.  
    Julie Cart  
11:30-12:20 Class Sharing - JOUR2310 Theories & Techniques of News & Feature Reporting Venue:FSC1019*
  The race beat: How the news media cover race in America and, to some extent, the world.  
    Hank Klibanoff  
15:30-16:20 Class Sharing - JOUR7010 International Relations Theory & Practice Venue:NAB109*
  What should journalists be doing to illuminate globalization?  
    Michael Parks  
Saturday 7 Nov 2009
10:00-12:15 Open Lecture Venue:WLB104*
  Barack Obama's historic campaign for the presidency of the U.S.  
    Damon Winter  
14:30-16:45 Open Lecture Venue:WLB103*@
  They don't shoot guys in blue they?  
    Michael Parks  
  The Foreign correspondent: Delivering the news from Africa and Asia.  
    Jane Perlez  
NAB=New Academic Building, Lam Woo International Conference Centre, Shaw Campus
WLB=The Wing Lung Bank Building for Business Studies, Lam Woo International Conference Centre, Shaw Campus
LMC=Lui Ming Choi Centre, Ho Sin Hang Campus
ASH=Au Shue Hung Centre for Film and Television
FSC=Fong Shu Chuen Library, Ho Sin Hang Campus
SCM=Jockey Club School of Chinese Medicine Building
CEC=Christian Education Centre, Ho Sin Hang Campus