Professor Zhan Jiang
Department of International Journalism & Communication
Beijing Foreign Studies University

Professor Zhan Jiang is now Professor of the Department of International Journalism & Communication of Beijing Foreign Studies University. Prior to his academic career, Prof Zhan has been a reporter at the Department of Weekend and deputy director at the Department of Advertising at Yangzhou Daily News.

Expert of wartime journalism theories and American journalism, Prof Zhan has written many books to promote journalistic studies, including Theories of Wartime Journalism (1999), Journalism and Courage (2001), and English for Journalism and Communication Studies (2003). He has also translated a number of Pulitzer Prize winning stories which were compiled into Journalism and Justice: Selected Works of Pulitzer Prize Winners (I-IV) (1998-1999). His other works of translation include Melvin Mencher's News Reporting and Writing (9th Edition, 2003), Commission on Freedom of the Press: A Free and Responsible Press (2004), and The Press and America: An Interpretive History of the Mass Media (9th Edition, 2004),

Prof Zhan obtained both his MA and PhD degrees from the School of Journalism, China Remin University.

Hong Kong Baptist University